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Twinkling Bud of Spring by Vi An Diep

Vi An Diep, courtesy of the artist

It flickers, twitches, claws it's way in, biting

Until our tears become ice and clay

We are its play thing...

Behold, just then, the great Mother of Mothers

Swoops in

Disarms the creature with her lullaby glance

Tearing off each of it's ten thousand claws and fangs

Fillet it's foul flesh from inside out

Turning it into glue

For her to seal love letters from the other side!"

A constant reminder to my audiences, of the systemic problems from within our current world, which have harbored and lead us to where we all are now within this Global Pandemic.

I am a marginalized music artist, I wont kid myself, I have no privileges, I have to beg for many things, I have to bow and say thank you every time someone thinks I need support of some kind. Support in the form of welfare comes with astonishing limitations. I prefer a Universal Basic Income for all humans on planet Earth, but they would prefer I shut up and follow the rules.

"First world problems!" I've heard people shout. The Pandemic hasn't changed my world views, the disease is deeply burrowed into our collective DNA since the dawn of the toxic and greed driven, Industrial Revolution. Now, I call for the new dawn of the Enlightenment Evolution. Even if only I awaken from within my self, I shall remain content as long as I may continue to create music and art for everyone to find their own inner luminance.

The latest work entitled "Twinkling Bud of Spring" is a spontaneous and intuitive original composition on the spot, using the 30 stringed zheng (Chinese long plucked zither), and mixed in electronic beats, with found sounds sampled weaving throughout.

With the recent passing of my Ma Ma, I come to accept that I will be trauma stricken till I die. Without her life force animated before me, without her embrace and loving food. I will slowly die. My musical instruments are now the only true comfort in life and their visceral sounds, my only outlet to keep my life meaningful until then.

Self-taught since age 6, Vi An is a multi-disciplinary artist and a proponent of Asian long-plucked zither instruments, from: Vietnam, the 17 to 26 stringed đàn tranh; Japanese 13 – 25 stringed koto (琴) and Chinese 23 – 30 stringed zheng (箏). Vi An's unique form of music-arts invite the audience into an active journey of inner and outer discoveries. The music is spontaneously created in the moment, engaging the listeners, remind them they are not passive, but active participants, even co-creators! As the music invents itself and evolves, so too does the world around us. Vi An MUSIC speaks for itself.


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