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The truth about FICTIVE

FICTIVE is a literary art magazine


the art of fiction


the craft of criticism

Editorial ideas for contributors: 

1. Reviews 


Written from fictional perspectives, under chosen pseudonyms (bylines may include the author's real names) focusing on literature, art, cinema, music, etc., already released, or published. Inhabit creative works as a Fictive writer disguised among their worlds and characters, themes and aesthetics.


Written from the nonfictional perspectives of authors, under personal, or professional names, only the literature, art, cinema, music, etc., reviewed does not exist, is unpublished or unreleased. (Non)Fictive pieces critique new ideas, as if they were produced, published, released then reviewed. 

2. Interviews 


Interviews with news junkies and bookworms who read in at least three languages. Polyglots interviews should be themed to a political event, or work of art, to consider how language barriers and bridges are built and disintegrate in the minds of those who see the writing on the wall and read between the lines. 



The spoken voice, as oration and storytelling, be they the pre-, post-, a- and illiterate among us are rich with stories. They are elders and children, the unschooled and unassimilated, the daily conversationalist and wise recluse who speak their truth to the moment.

3. Essays 

Fictive essays theorize and satirize new, critical and creative approaches to writing about culture. They may take on a weightier, sharper tone of news analysis in an age of misinformation and fakery, or a blunter edge that lights on the tragedies and comedies of failure and success in the arts and culture field. 

4. Literature & Art

Short fiction, poetry and art, in any and all forms and media, may grace the pages of Fictive Mag, especially those pieces and works that appreciate meta-conscious approaches to creativity, critiquing the primacy of authorial authority and reorienting the social balances of subjectivity


rethinking the facts, rewriting the fictions



Matt A Hanson

info, queries

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