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Traces by Pullahs

artwork by Erdal Inci

Energy flow is crucial, now more than ever. My explorations of sound and logos have led to potent ideas and oscillations. I interpret the re-creation of locales, situations, memories and moments through music.

My work is primarily concerned with emotions frozen in time. I am influenced by the idea of morphing digital textures into organic spatial soundings, as a detailed approach to awarenesses.

‘Falling’ begins as a resonant portrait of disappearence, followed by an abstract escalation into a sequentially-unique, biophilic state.

Pullahs is the project name of Gurur Gelen's heavily ambient influenced, organic electronic music. HIs sound is characterized by its spaciousness and dark timbre. He is defying and recreating ideas of genre from the past and present. He blends acoustic instruments and field recordings with digital material, restructuring meaning, against the norm. He currently resides in Istanbul, exploring new variables of composition, sound art & multimedia design through creative coding.


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