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Multiple of Six by Jaden Pierce

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Machine Man -- 16th century German illustration, Henry Kamen (public domain)

The illustration to Jaden Pierce's lead poem, "MAN THE MACHINE" is an excerpt from the Brazilian edition of a book by Italian-American intellectual Silvia Federici, entitled, "Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation", published in 2004. A caption describing the image printed on page 264 reads: "A revealing example in the new mechanical conception of the body in this German woodcut of the sixteenth century, in which a peasant is represented as nothing more than a means of production: his body composed entirely of agricultural utensils." The book is available online free from the publisher Coletivo Sycorax.


Numerous inquisitive conversations have I had

Comparing man to but a machine

So often refuted yet I disagree with the norm

Working constantly mechanical like to me

Putting pieces back together by surgeons

Only difference is that we are waterproof

Heart, lungs, kidneys, liver

Merely replaceable parts

Blood types and transplants behind the scenes

Pondering silly ideas such as freedom

One is merely left to sulk with melancholy


Walking rigidly reminds me of schoolyard games

Following the leader is confinement

Eyes darting at the sights intrigued as if seeing for the first time

Hoping for a chance to disappear and stumble upon a magical wardrobe transporting to Narnia

But then I come to realize I’m talking to myself again

Silly imagination


I watch people following the throngs

Yet I stand far aback feeling out of place

I watch people shop at the mall incessantly

And I amuse myself reflecting on the days I was interested in such activities

I go to the film sometimes

Only to have a different reaction from the masses

I watch people protest so passionately

Yet I only display passion through my tears


Isn’t it easier to be alone

Without judges or artificiality yet so uncommon in society

Rarely can one hear the silence

Searching for some quiet and comfort greater than the pillow

Different than the typical nine to five

Sweet solitude beckons me

Not a short vacation only to return


Fun loving flappers scurrying around

Creating panic at the peaceful picnic

Outrageous disruption of societal values

Barrier breaking freedom untold of before

Independence is but a hoax as all are dependent

Gender fluidity now being pushed

Rambunctious opponents fight back in disgust afraid of unworthy change.


Futilely trying to change my habits

Frivolous lover of fun

How dreadful to serve a purpose

How ruthless to have servants

Abundant admirers corrupt lame waltzes deserving of the gallows

Rather balance a plate of uncertainty

Watching the kite but drift away

Jaden Pierce is an emerging Asian American poet and writer from the DC area. His poems 'Comparison', 'Rhythm' & 'Scare' will appear in Dreich Magazine. He can be found on Twitter @jadenpierce01 and Instagram @jdnpierce


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