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Mind-Wandering by Zynph

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Zynph by Nazlı Erdemirel

Since my childhood, I’ve had an intense desire to express myself. Throughout the years I tried hard to tell others about myself, in a constant need to be understood; which resulted in consecutive failures and oppressing what is inside me; feeding the darker parts of my psyche.

It was years later that I realized that I cannot express what I don’t know; and that was the time I decided to get to know myself; a complete stranger at that time. I had never had an experience like wandering through the unenlightened areas of my soul and mind.

First, I had an intention to get rid of the dark side inside me; however as time passed, I saw that my soul is a combination of what I call “light” and “dark”; and what makes me feel alive is the harmonic dance of the opposites. In the end, I came to the conclusion that darkness was not a trait for me to get rid of, but to embrace.

And again, since my childhood, I’ve had an intense desire to express myself. Then, one day, I found some tools to help me express; express in the form of music. This is how Zynph was born.

An Istanbul based DJ / Producer, Zynph describes her music as a final product of a self-confrontation process. Using music as a medium to express, she mainly focuses on the feelings the music evokes, rather than defining it by its genre. One of the distinctive characteristics of her sound is the sense of uncanniness it arouses. Her music is inspired by a wide range of genres from breakcore to industrial, IDM to experimental and ambient to extreme metal music.


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