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Inevitable Consequences by Fatma Belkıs

artwork & text by Fatma Belkıs

The Inevitable Consequences of Hosting A Cat:

Some cat lovers might not prefer to share their homes with cats permanently. They can host cats in need of a place to stay for a while and socialize with cats when their homes are available to receive houseguests.

The human individual sees the guest cat in panic and anxiety and approaches her with a feeling of compassion mixed with pity. Little does the human know, she would herself suffer from adaptation depression when the cat guest leaves her for her actual home.

Though hosting a cat in between homes might be a pleasant experience, it is also a difficult responsibility. Cats experience adaptation depression in the beginning of their visits. They might hide in secluded places such as underneath the bed or inside a closet. They might lose their appetite and have irregular bowel movements.

While hosting a cat is in question, the adaptation process of the cat cannot go unnoticed. However, the adaptation process of the human is usually overlooked. Cat individuals respond to situations from the start. They are very sensitive in comparison to the human individuals.

Fatma Belkıs

artwork by Fatma Belkıs

Fatma Belkıs was born in Antalya in 1985. She now lives in İstanbul. She works with text, video, and printed matter either individually or collectively with friends. Even though as an artist, she is strictly interested in people going through some kind of a transformation, specifically with the ones who do not go through this alone, in her personal life she prefers to live with cats instead of people.


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