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Surf by Serra Şensoy

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


Surf is a phonetic reflection on the identity crisis of alienation from reality after the switch into digital realms where things change with the speed of technological singularity.

It’s a subtle satire, a coming of age story in the age of surveillance capitalism. To build a profile is to compromise one’s potential self(s), destroying the tension between essence and potentiality, getting stuck in a filter bubble of sameness.


I am out of words for a while now.

I used to have rushing thoughts through my head; ready and set

Building worlds.

Now I have nothing

But an emotional state of a worm

That’s why I have wormholes instead of

a Body and soul

I wonder around,

longing the yellow warm.

so many stimuli going in and out

brains are full of colour and light

not a single day without

a phone app triggering my neurons and I am left out

I surf the internet and beyond

I surf the corners and intersections

Waves of reflections, a journey

Just to find a digital me.

Serra Şensoy is a 3D artist/ multi-media designer currently based in Istanbul. She recently graduated from University for Creative Arts, completing studies with a Graphic Design: Visual communication BA in 2020. She defines her design practice as a playground that signifies playfulness, experimentation, exploration, and research. “Playground” is also meant to function as a gateway to contribute to potential futures by design thinking and by maintaining ethical values as a designer; making conscious choices in the area of work and study. Her current work is heavily influenced by media cultures and futurism as well as language; codes, and metaphors. She produces experimental video art and 3D animation as her practice alongside research as well as editorial and motion graphic design as a freelancer. She is lead designer at Fictive.


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