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Night Hunger by Cem Özüduru

Night Hunger is a collection of short stories full of dread, anger, horror, macabre, torture and endless toxic nightmare fuel. It deals with mortality and immortality but at the same time the ethics of writing a social commentary novel, cannibalism, ghostly apparitions, the perils of going out with friends, sexting in haunted housed and Ottoman Ninjas...

So get ready to dive into the world of dark tales and scary fables, shut the drapes and listen to the rain outside while the pages silently sneak into your soul and grab you by the soul with their cold hands ... this is, The Night Hunger.

- Cem Özüduru

The following is "Night Hunger", a graphic story excerpted from the book, "Solo: Night Hunger and Other Stories" by Cem Özüduru, published by Marmara Çizgi

Cem Ozuduru was born in 1987 in Istanbul. After entering the Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts, he published two graphic novels, Zombistan (2008) and Dawn Frost (2010) leading up to his graduation in 2010. His professional career continued with short stories, movie scripts, and directing, on top of creating comic books. His work in the movies and television includes the scripts for the horror movie Baskın (2015), Housewife (2017), the TV series Wolf (2017), and the feature film Wolf (2018), with him directing the latter two. His other credits in comics include Once Upon a Time on the Soccer Field (2015) and Perihan (2017; Europe Comics 2020). Perihan was adapted to a movie in 2019 under the title "The Girl with No Mouth," winning several awards. His latest book is "Solo, Night Hunger and Other Stories".


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