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Doppelgänger by Yellow Teresa

Dystopia, album art of ケケケッ by Yuşa Yalçıntaş

Doppelgänger (x8)

red moon dark night road
beckoning across the road
Consciousness on the verge of a deepening fog
Wandering frantically to death
Hey I go now more I go now move
It's meaningless to fight back DNA spirals to survive
I can't hide this instinct that can't allow the same existence
Which one is real? I am you or both
Surrender yourself to the intertwining destinies until they disappear
kill or be killed hunt or be hunted
I don't need two of the same

lyrics and rap by Yellow Teresa

Dystopia, album art of ケケケッ by Yuşa Yalçıntaş


Producer: TATARİ

MCs: 病みキンコ (sick mushroom), ラバブン LABBABOOM (Lababun), TATARİ, TAU the HEELAL,

Special Guest Artists: METEOR (Rapper and Voice actor of Yano -from Odd Taxi anime

Featurings: OMEGA, YELLOW TERESA (She is a reggae artist produced ラバブン )

Lyrics: TATARİ, ラバブン, 病みキンコ, TAU the HEELAL, OMEGA, YELLOW TERESA,

Track: TATARİ, Daiki Kagata

Logo: 金風呂タロウ (Kanafuro Tarou)

Album Artwork: Yuşa Yalçıntaş

''kekeke'' is a non profit rap collective from Japan that connects horror manga, sci-fi, rap and art.

Founded by Yuta aka sick mushroom (病みキンコ) is a new art space for horror manga artists, drawing & graphic artists, rappers & musicians.

kekeke collaborates with artists from overseas and likes to gain new members.

They created their own genre called ''horror manga core rap''


The albums are not available on Spotify & Youtube

Only trailers are available on Youtube & Instagram

Physical albums are limited edition

Zines are limited edition and not digitally available

Yellow Teresa is a reggae artist in Japan


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